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July 28, 2017
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February 22, 2018

Worm Castings


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Soilsouls’ vermicompost is the most natural and healthy compost you can find.

Firstly the worms were not fed any manure so it is free of any medicine or other chemical and hormones or parasites.   Secondly it has no weed seeds as it was fed pure organic veggies.   It has only been sieved so small vegetable seeds might still grow.  You might find a lot of tomatoes or other surprises – but guaranteed NO WEEDS!!

Thirdly the vermicompost is raw –  we do not believe in heat treating compost in order to get rid of weed seeds and unhealthy bacteria.  Our compost has no weeds or unhealthy bacteria and we want to keep all the healthy soil bacteria and micro-organisms.


We can only sell vermitea (wormtea) on special request as it has a very short shelf-life and its benefits start reducing immediately.    One can support the microbes in the tea by adding oxygen and food but Soilsouls believes that having your own continuous supply of fresh wormtea from a wormfarm is the ultimate and obvious solution.   Or make your own by making a small teabag filled with vermicompost.


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