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The Wormbox is like a “layered” compost heap. It consist of several stackable perforated trays made of recycled plastic. The worms live in the trays and simply wriggle their way up from the lowest tray into the one above for "fresh" food (fruit, vegetable and other scraps). These scraps are turned into the castings that are an excellent fertilizer. The solid base has a built-in drip tray which collects the liquid run-off (so-called leachate) that percolates down from the upper trays. This is a very nutrient-rich, 100% organic liquid fertiliser that can be diluted and sprayed or poured onto your plants or leaves. The tap makes it easy to drain and use (liquid drains towards the tap).












Everything you need to start with will be included (you need a few sheets of newspaper that is all!) and you never have to buy anything again unless your worms died......then there will be funeral expenses (lol). To set up and manage the SoilSouls WormBox is also very simple – just follow the step-by-step instructions of the Instruction Booklet provided! And remember everybody starts from scratch.

Basically you start with the base collection tray and one extra tray filled with initial bedding (anything from coconut coir {supplied}, peat moss, dead leaves, organic compost or even shredded paper or cardboard with minimal ink). The bedding should be damp, but not wet. A good test is when you squeeze a handful of bedding the water doesn't drip.  Add the red worms along with a small amount of food scraps buried in the bedding.

The worms you need a continuous supply of suitable food scraps. Roughly they consume their own body weight in food per day. Bury food scraps in different spots of the tray covering them with bedding material. The worms grow and multiply. The bin might initially have some fungi but just stir it slightly - it is part of the normal break-down process and wll dissappear. When the first tray is full of worms, food and worm castings, remove the cover and place the next tray on top. Put some of the first tray's bedding/compost and food scraps in the new tray. This way the Wormbox can become higher as you add trays. 

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When the bottom tray is ready to harvest, simply take it out of the tower and put it on top (keep the lid off). The worms will flee down - away from the light - leaving behind worm castings. Scrape the top compost off every few hours or so until the whole tray has been harvested.

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• Indoor and outdoor use (no direct sun or rain please)
• Small and compact: floor standing space is 40cm by 40cm. The height depends on the number of trays and how full they are
• A step-by-step Instruction Manual makes set-up and maintenance easy and fun
• Can add extra trays – up to 7 trays maximum recommended
• It looks great and the trays are not heavy or messy
• No odors
• No need to separate worms from the compost when harvesting
• Mmade from recycled plastic!
• Everything you need to start, is included

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